Monday, April 4, 2011

Mets win a road series

A thank you goes out to Jeffey Loria for his assist in helping the Mets win a road series to start the season. Loria signed Javier Vazquez to a 1 year 7M deal this past off season. The Mets used him up and made it look like batting practice as they scored 7 runs in just over2 + innings against him and the lousy fielding of the fish. 

After a couple of decent games in the field the Marlins defense blew up yesterday. A couple of bone headed plays by Bonafacio and the Mets came out of Sun Life Stadium with 2 wins in the 3 game set.

Last year they didnt win a road series until playing the Pirates in August. It wasnt very easy for Dickey though who seemed to uncharacteristically walk a bunch of Marlins in his 6 innings. Dickey did have to deal with a swirling wind during the game which of cause can play with his knuckler.

Jose Reyes went 2 for 6 yesterday. Reyers who is concerned with his on base perecentage did not walk at all during the Marlins series not even against the control problems of Vazquez who he faced twice.

The Mets take on the Phillies on Tuesday with ChrisYoung against Cole Hamels who beat the Astros 3 straight to start the season.

Source NY Post

Mets box score

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