Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toad the Wet Sproket, a day off and the '86 Mets

Monday was the first day off of the season. Ugh a day without Mets baseball. After a weekend of decent baseball from the Mets its tough to wait another day to go by before we watch the Mets take on Philly.

With being a baseball lifer I really don't immerse myself in watching other sports during the season. My partner in crime Mets fan 73 is a Ranger fan. He wakes up happy today since the Rangers won. Besides baseball I have a passion for music. I enjoy concerts and been going to concerts since the mid 80's. On long island you can get a venue like the Nassau Coliseum that holds over 15,000 or down to a bar setting.

Last night I went to the Boulton Center in Bay Shore to catch a concert on the Mets nite off. Never been there before. It is a converted move theatre. It seats like 250 people. Last year the Gin Blossoms played acoustic there and I wanted to go not so much for them but I wanted to check out the venue. Well last night Toad the Wet Sprocket played there and I have to tell you the acoustics there rock. Glen Phillips and the band played for like 75 minutes and it was like watching a band in a converted garage. The sound was so crisp and they were pretty good. There a bit mellow for me but hey you know its live so I went with it.

It was a great way of spending the nite and they even did a meet and greet after the show to chat with obviously some hard core fans. The Boulton center is pretty amazing and if you get the chance go see a show there. The Machine is playing there later next week. Might just have to go.

Oh and the tie in to the 86 Mets? Same year the band formed. Who I found out opened for Debroah Harry on there first tour. No video from last night which is a shame but some Glenn Phillips as we wait tonights Met game.

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