Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gary Carter In The Fight Of His Life

As we reported on May 21st, Gary Carter was found to have four tumors in his brain. We held off speculating and reporting until further information was available.

It was revealed that the the tumors in Carter's brain are believed to be malignant, but 100% confirmation won't be available for another week or so.

The tumors are inoperable since
"it is like a snake of tumors that are connected across the back of the brain" (quoted from Carter's daughter Kimmy).

ESPN has been given the privilege of covering Carter's journey with access to daily journals. Some of the excerpts of interest are from his daughter Kimmy:

May 27

After the biopsy was completed this morning, we anxiously awaited news on what is causing Dad's tumors. It is with a heavy, yet hopeful heart, that I share with you the news that Dr. Friedman shared with our family early this afternoon...that he is 90% certain that the tumors are malignant. We won't know the official diagnosis until early to mid next week once the lab results come back.

It was very hard for all of us to hear, as we have been hoping and praying that the tumors would be benign. Lots of tears have been shed in the hospital room today, and we are all a bit scared of the unknown. As we try to process this news, we are leaning on each other and the Lord for strength and courage. We understand that we have a long road ahead of us, and we're doing all we can to mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepare for the journey.

Although the tumors are inoperable, Dr. Friedman of Duke University Medical Center plans not to prolong Carter's life, but to cure him of the Grade 4 Glioblastoma.

The Carter family is appreciative of the love and support from such notable stars as: Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski and former players Bert Blyleven, Jerry Royster, Howard Johnson, Hank Bower, Phil Niekro, Buddy Bell, and Tommy Hutton.

The Carter family is also appreciative of the support, prayers and well wishes of fans; the one's who cheered for him as a ballplayer, and those who pray for him to win the biggest game...life.

Adam Rubin ESPN

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