Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Ike Davis for 3 more weeks

The injury to the ankle must have been pretty severe since its being reported that Ike must wear a boot to protect his ankle.  This will be at least for 3 more weeks. 

As per ESPN New YorkHead trainer Ray Ramirez told Collins he had "never seen" this long a recovery time for an injury of this type, according to the manager.

"If you look at the replay, it was ugly," Collins said. "I mean, that ankle got in a bad position. And I'm sure that bone driving down on that side like that is more severe obviously than we first anticipated."

Well lets see if Nick Evans makes the most of it since he will be odd man out once Ike returns in mid June..  

Lineup tonight  Pagan CF,Turner at 2nd. Beltran RF. Bay LF. Murphy 3b. Evans 1b. Thole c. Tejada ss. Dickey

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