Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ike Davis injured on collison with David Wright

Not only can Wright strike out with people on base , he knock out productive big man Ike Davis. The both of them collided during a pop up in front of the mound which caused Davis to roll his ankle. He was in some pain and was taken out of the game after the inning ended.

He was wearing a boot to protect his ankle later in the clubhouse. Davis still thought he could play the finale today but look for Murphy to be playing first.

Mets will have a very weak lineup with Wright sitting and Davis out if they get the game in today. Look for maybe a 3 4 5 of Murphy,Beltran and Bay.  Hey Jason from Bull Durham...get a hit Crash! please!!!

****update  1pm*****No game today it has been rained out..

It gets better..Ike Davis heading back to NY today to get a MRI on ankle..DL possible..

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