Friday, May 6, 2011

Mets come in #5 and # 3 in Top 20 Games of all Time.

Besides the fact that the top 20 is skewed based on they want to have video to draw from the MLB networks mini series of the 20 greatest games has been entertaining to watch. 

The Mets have 2 of the top games. Coming in at #5 was the  ets playoff game against the Astros in 1986 game 6 where the Mets won in extra innings . The#3 was of course game 6 of 1986 World Series against the Redsox where the Mets needed to win to force a game 7.  This of course was the infamous Buckner flop.  Bob Costas and Tom Verducci are the hosts and I will spare you my opinion on Costas…  The guests were Bob Ojeda , Mookie Wilson and of course Bill Buckner.

 Now I watched some of the other games they have went over like the Angels/Redsox play off game from the same year 86 and they had on Dave Henderson of the Sox and Bobby Grich of the Angels. Grich was very gracious even though he was part of the team that folded.  Buckner on the other hand didn’t look like he wanted to have any part of this. No one force him to be there so you think after 25 years he could be a little bit more upbeat. Some young fans only know him by that play in the series but Buckner in his day was a great hitter and even won a batting Title during his career

Couple of interesting tid bits that is discussed.  The fact that Clemens after 7 innings complained about a bilster and told the Red Sox manager McNamara that he was done. Of course Clemens denys that to this day.  Also there was a time in the game that Mookie Wilson and Buckner could have been double switched out of the game and then the infamous play wouldn’t have happened.  Buckner did give interesting insight that the Red Sox new that Bobby Ojeda was tipping his change up.  Also that 2nd baseman Marty Barett didnt want Buckner replaced late in the game by Dave Stapleton. He even discussed it with John McNamara. 

If you get a chance MLB is rerunning both broadcasts on Saturday.  Definitely worth setting your DVR since it’s a little bit more interesting then watching the Mets these days...

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