Monday, May 2, 2011

Mets win and Osama loses.

The Mets were one of 2 teams playing last night as the announcement came over the airwaves that Osama was killed.  Back in 2001 the first game in New York was played by the Mets and there manager was Bobby Valentine who was in the booth last night for the ESPN Sunday night game. Strange if you ask me. 

The Mets were the side show last night even though they won 2-1 in 14 innings. Mr Paulino had 5hits in starting debut as the Mets pen held the Phillies scoreless for 6 innings.  

There were chants of USA during the game which was pretty cool after the crowd got wind of what happened.  

The covert operation was actually live tweeted by someone not knowing what was going on which the Wall Street Journal  has the story on it.  Pretty crazy.   Mets win and the Nation celebrates…good combo!

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