Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jason Bay is back but not his power

Everyone said the Mets would play better with Jason Bay back in the lineup. The record shows so far the Mets just might do that. So far in the 10 games he has played since coming off the DL the Mets are 7-3. They had started the season 5-13 and Bay has extended the lineup and of course he is a plus in the clubhouse since everyone seem to ask him advice. Only problem is Bay still is not hitting for power.

Bay started off hot with 9 hits in first 6 games but since the he has cooled off with only 1 hit in his last 17 at bats. He has 1 home run and 3 Rbi's. Not what you expect from your typical# 5 hitter. Now he might have lingering issues with his rib injury etc but the Mets need the guy to hit some homers not singles.

Bay had mentioned before the ESPN Sunday night game the Ball does fly in Philly not like the cavernous Citi Field so already you know that the Met home park is still in his head. Well you know the opposition has no problem hitter the ball out so kind of sick of hearing that the park scares these hitters.

In a small sample Bay right now is not what the Mets have ordered and even though the record reflects Bay has helped, it wont last if he doesn't catch fire.

Bays line after 10 games from MLB    40 at bats , 6 runs , 10 hits , 2 doubles , 1 home run , 3 rbi's, 4 walks, 250 avg, on base .318, slugging .375

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