Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Pelf's Problems Hard To Fix? Gee, There Is A Solution

Mike Pelfrey has shown he can't handle the responsibility of the role as a #1 starter. This is not a pot shot at the tall right-hander. It is just a fact. Pelfrey has had issues dealing with pitching, and they aren't physical. It has been widely noted of his relationship with the Late Dr. Harvey Dorfman.

problems are between the ears, and with him pitching like a rookie single A pitcher, the Mets cannot have this. Starting the season 1-3 isn't too terrible. It's the 7.39 ERA that's the problem. In six starts he has only 28 innings. That is less than 5 innings/outing. He has only struck out 16. That is less than 3 K's/start. These numbers aren't that of a #1 pitcher.

There is an answer, and he has been languishing in the bullpen for two weeks. Dillon Gee has shown he deserves a spot in the
Mets starting rotation. Other than Chris Young, Gee has been their best starter. Granted, it is over a small sample set, but dating back to last season, Gee has been very consistent. He has pitched out of trouble well, and doesn't seemed to get flustered, unlike the tall righty with anxiety issues.

Mets should seriously consider two things:
  1. Move Gee to the starting rotation
  2. Put Big Pelf in the bullpen, or ask him (nicely of course) to accept an assignment to the minor leagues. There is history. Steve Trachsel and Bobby Jones both did it, and benefited immensely. Oliver Perez didn't...and look what's happened to him.
This is not saying the Mets should dump Pelfrey. He has ability, but he needs to mature. He is still like a deer in the headlights when on the mound. He needs to build up the mental confidence, and by walking people, balking people, and giving up a ton of runs on the Major League level is not the proper antidote for this affliction.

This isn't about the
Mets season. This team is not going to the play-offs. It's about this teams' and Mike Pelfrey's future.

Gee has pitched very well, not including the relief outing where he allowed a Grand Slam to Ryan Howard. Gee needs to be given the opportunity to pitch with this team, and keeping him in a bullpen and having him throw every seven days or so, is not the answer.

Alderson has shown he has a quick trigger finger when dealing with issues. If Pelfrey doesn't improve quickly, Alderson should pull the trigger without a second thought.

has be given the chance, and has not proven himself. Gee has proven himself on much less of an opportunity. The answer is simple. Is the decision?

Source: Baseball Reference

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