Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mets vs Giants May 3rd no Jason Bay

The Mets will be lacking Jason Bay and his singles power over the next day or 2 as his wife is ready to pop with there 3rd child. Lucas Duda comes up with his 3 homers and .257 average from Buffalo. The Mets will be wearing special stars and stripes hats . Also the Mets donated 4,000 tickets to the Military for tonights game against the World Champion SF Giants.

Reyes-SS, Murphy-2B, Wright-3B, Beltran-RF, Davis-1B, Duda-LF, Thole-C, Pridie-CF, Dickey-RHP

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canis lupis said...

the mets will lose. Mo Vaughn's left knee told me so.