Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What’s going on with Josh Thole

Last night was a head scratcher game for the Mets especially when it came to there catcher Josh Thole. Thole was playing behind the dish last night to catch the knuckleballer Dickey since Paulino has not worked with him yet this season.

Thole was in rare form last night spending half his time running to the backstop and watching runners take advantage of his lack of ability to gun runners out. The Mets pitchers dont help of course with Pelfrey,Young and to a lesser extent Dickey not good at holding runners on. 

Last night after Dickey left Thole was still not moving for balls in the dirt and almost cost the team another run in the 8th with Izzy in. 

The league is aware that is ok to run on Thole and he now leads the league with 7 passed balls.Partially due to catching Dickey. Thole is not hitting the cover off the ball so its hard to overlook what he is doing behind the plate.

 If you ask me he has regressed in his defensive skills. Last night it was a joke. Most of the pitchers do not like his game calling but he is a work in progress.  Collins after the game had mentioned that he might have him sit for a couple of days to clear his head. The kid need to get his head in the game or he should be heading to Buffalo.

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