Saturday, May 21, 2011

Subway Smackdown: Mets Take Game 1 From Yankees

Let me start off by saying this (as I have said millions of times): I don't like inter-league play, and I especially hate the Subway Series.

Major League Baseball forces these fabricated rivalries. I understand that Mets-Yankees, Cubs-White Sox makes a ton of money for the teams and the league, but do you really think that that there is a rivalry between: St. Louis-Kansas City?; Florida-Tampa Bay?; Dodgers-Angels?; Nationals-Orioles?; Houston-Rangers?; etc. Absolutely not.

All that being said, last night was a real good game between the Mets and Yankees, and not just because the Mets won.

RA Dickey pitched well, and out of trouble at times. He benefited from a slick defensive play by Mets SS (for now) Jose Reyes. Once again Reyes is proving his worth, and most likely ensuring his wealth with his play this year. Although he went 0-4, Reyes played very well in the field. He was charged wi
th a bogus error when he made a throw to first where Murphy did his best Herman Munster impersonation with his footwork, and was allegedly pulled off the bag on Bret Gardiner's grounder.

Justin Turner tied the game at 1 with a double in the fourth inning. It was his sixth consecutive game with an RBI, which ties the Mets rookie record set by Ron Swoboda in 1965. The Yankees had taken a 1-0 lead in the third inning when Mark Teixeira hit a shallow fly ball to RF which barely carried over the outstretched glove of Carlos Beltran.

After Reyes' play on A-Roid in the fifth, Murphy took Yankee starter Freddy Garcia yard on a shot to RF that landed about 20 rows back.

With the win, the Mets return to the .500 mark at 22-22, and are five games behind the division leading Cheesesteaks.

Justin Turner has been solid since he was called up. With the injury to Ike Davis, the Red Hot Red Head has gotten the opportunity to play everyday, and has turned into Clutch Carrot Top.

Be sure to take our poll on the right as to what should be Turner's nickname.

Game 2 of the Subway Smackdown will be tonight at 7:10 and will pit Chris Capuano against AJ Burnett.


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