Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dickey & Bullpen solid as Mets win 2-1

Wow. So that is what is like watching a bullpen come in and pitch 3 innings and not have the drama attached. When was the last time the Mets were able to claim that in a subway series game? 

 After Dickey was able to get through jams with the help of great play by Jose the Mets had Mike O Connor pitch the 7th , Izzy pitch the 8th and K Rod pitch the 9th. 

Izzy's innings was unbelievable . He was able to strike out Teixeira then A Rod and get Cano to ground out. On 12 pitches no less.  The A Rod strike out was on a cutter away that A Rod just flailed on. Impressive.

A Quote from Terry Collins from the Daily News about Isringhausen "had his best stuff and best command...and what a night to bring it out"

From the NY Post  "That's what you live for," Isringhausen said. "That's why I'm here: the competition of facing three of the best hitters in baseball, in my mind.

 K-Rod went right after the hitters in the 9th. 10 pitches later the Mets had a win and K Rod notched his 15 save. The Mets are at the moment at .500  they are 17-9 since starting the season 5-13.

For a nite us Mets fans were able to enjoy a win without the drama. Pretty nice !

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