Thursday, June 30, 2011

High Flying Mets Go For Sweep: Mets Lineup Vs. Tigers - June 30, 2011

The Mets have busted out the whooping sticks over their last four games, plating 52 runs in that span, which breaks the previous record of 50.

Although out homered last night 5-0, the Mets still went on to beat the Tigers 16-9, in a real "pitchers duel."

What is real nice to see is that normally inconsistent Mets have been consistent in their run scoring of late. Usually if they have a break out game, scoring 8 runs or so, they will not score that many runs over the following five games. Not this time. On Saturday they put up a 14 spot, 8 on Sunday, 14 on Tuesday, and an unimaginable 16 runs last night.

Jose Reyes has continued his hot hitting with an off night, where he only had two hits. The good thing is that during this streak, everyone is hitting, which is the epitome of teamwork. They are playing together as a team.

Who wasn't worried last night when the Mets were up 8-2, and before we could blink, it was 8-5? But the "New Mets" seemed to tack on runs at will when the Tigers clawed their way back. Although the pitching was poor, the offense didn't disappoint. The are playing together as a team.

The Mets go for the sweep this afternoon, which should prove difficult when Big Pelf rivals the great Justin Verlander.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Pridie - RF

3. Beltran - DH

4. Murphy - 3B

5. Pagan - CF

6. Bay - LF

7. Duda - 1B

8. Thole - C

9. Tejada

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