Friday, July 1, 2011

Mets ready to pack it in at Citi tonight

The Mets come on to play another first place American league team , the New York Yankees in the weekend subway series at Citi field. The Mets come off a short road trip 4-2 beating the Tigers and Rangers 2 out of 3.

Even though the Mets are just hovering around .500 there is some buzz around the way this team is playing. Before yesterdays game there wasn't many mistakes out there on the field or base paths. Guys are doing everything they can to help the team win and I think fans appreciate the fact that the  Mets always seem to be in the game.

The Mets brass at Citi is pretty excited too. This weekend games should be packed and there is a possibility that the Mets might for the first time sell standing room only tickets. Of course the Mets brass prolly just chatting it up. Taking a look at Stub hub as of 730 am there are over 550 tickets for tonight's game but the cheapest ticket is $97.00 .  Not bad for a team that should have the starting shortstop at the All Star game and is still 5.5 games out of the wild card .

Go Mets!

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