Friday, June 3, 2011

Izzy gains win in historic comeback

The Mets heard it from there manager about there lack of execution. So what did they do. They come out down 7-0 against the Bucs in a afternoon game and come out on top 9-7. 

it was the largest deficit the Mets overcame since there comeback win against the Braves back in 2000 which was capped by a Mike Piazza home run .  I remember that game like it was  yesterday. I was having a late night dinner and 2 fers at Chili's. Of course everyone was a Yankee fan at the bar so I had 1 little tv to watch.  Of course I went nuts when the Mets came back down 8-1.

How times change.  I was off yesterday spending time with my newborn baby girl and had to look for updates on my phone!

Beltran had his first home run since May 12th when he smashed 3 against the Rockies. The Mets battled and Ruben Tejada got a key hit to drive in a pair.  The Mets broke a 7-7 tie in the 8th and Izzy got his first Met win since 1999. 

A great win against the Team the Mets should beat. Now they have a weekend series against the Bravos with Derrick Lowe on the mound.

Here is a link to Collins rant

Also the Box Score .  Can you guess how many Rbi's Jason Bay had?

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