Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Way Says Jose

Give the Mets credit, although they are public relationally brain dead, they do learn, unfortunately usually too late.

Yesterday the Mets admitted that they reached out to Jose Reyes’ agents to negotiate a contract with the soon to be free agent. Reyes and his representatives remained true to what they said during the Spring, that they won’t discuss any deals during the season.

What does this mean? Reyes is gone. Unless the Mets are willing to back up the Brinks truck, there is no way Jose will sign with them. Yes, he has admitted that he would love to remain with the Mets; he has grown up in this organization, he loves NY, and his family is comfortable in the NY/Long Island area, but is that enough. I think not.

If the Mets approached Reyes during the post season, they would have had an excellent chance in signing him long term. New GM Alderson wanted to wait it out and understandably so. Unfortunately it was a gamble – a gamble it looks like Elvis is going to lose.

Reyes is having a career year, in spite of a relatively cold spell he has been going through the last few games.

Now the question becomes: will the Mets trade Jose by the July 31st trade deadline, or let him walk during the off-season, garnering only draft picks?

My guess is that Elvis will let Jose walk if they can’t reach a contract agreement. Although the Mets could possible profit more from trading him, given the Wilpon’s financial issues, do they really want an already empty ballpark to become more of a ghost town? I don’t think so. That plus many teams aren’t going to give up a boat load of young talent for a two month rental.

Boomer and Carton this morning said Reyes is gone, especially if the Mets become insignificant. Granted Carton is correct .026% of the time, so I usually don’t listen to him. This time is no different.

Reyes is a crowd favorite. The energetic SS energizes a crowd like no other ballplayer. The closest Met I can compare to Reyes might have been Mookie Wilson, and although I adored Wilson and his energy, Mookie is no Jose. Piazza could charge a crowd, but not in the multitude of ways Jose can.

Whether it’s hitting a triple or double; stealing a base, laying down a bunt, or even an unexpected HR, Jose can change a game like no other in the game.

Jeff Wilpon said that Alderson can add payroll if the Mets are competitive. Where the money will come from is another question. If they are looking to add payroll, they should first look at the diamond in the rough they have at SS.

I don’t blame Reyes for wanting to test the waters of free agency. The Mets had the chance to do something before this got out of control and didn’t. I just wish there is some way Reyes and the Mets can extend this partnership.

Unfortunately it seems like there is no way Jose.

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