Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Pelf Takes On Matt Cain: Mets Lineup Vs Giants - July 10, 2011

Mike Pelfrey will take the mound tonight against David Wright's favorite opponent, Matt Cain. The Mets will look to take this rubber game against the Giants in San Francisco tonight.

To borrow a statement from former Mets Manager and mouthpiece Art Howe, the Mets "battled" Tim Lincecum and the Giants before falling to the team in northern California 3-1.

Tonight is the last game before the All Star Break, and the Mets will look to hit the break on not only a winning record, but after a "successful" west coast road trip.

Tonight's Mets lineup Vs. the Giants:

1. Pagan - CF

2. Turner - 2B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Murphy - 3B

5. Bay - LF

6. Duda - 1B

7. Paulino - C
8. Tejada - SS

9. Pelfrey - RSP

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