Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mets lose but still win

Mets lost 3-1 last night or this morning depending on how you look at it and at the same time you can say the Mets did win even with a loss.

Ok so maybe Tejada cost them a double play with some slow exchanging with Turner but did you see his at bats against Linceum?  Did you see the Mets at bats against him. They did have a plan going in to make him pitch and they were disciplined to get his pitch count up.  Of course that worked with him being gone after 6.  The only problem is last night the Mets didn't have any success against the pen of the Giants.  Also Mr Hairston did you really believe you were going to be thrown a fast ball ? 

The Mets also received good news with David Wright and Ike Davis. They both are progressing .  Shockingly no set backs right now. Wright might be back when the Mets go on the road a week from this coming friday. Davis might start rehab soon. Also the  Mets will break with a road trip win. They cant go worse then 4-3 on a west coast swing. That's a win if you remember last years disaster....

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