Friday, July 8, 2011

Gary and Ron to vacate booth during mid game tonight.

Even when the Mets loose its great listenint to Gary and the guys call the game on SNY. Last night was no different with Sandy Alderson in the booth and Gary peppering Alderson with questions . Loved that he asked Sandy if there was any way he saw K Rod on the team in 2012 and Alderson of course did his best to work around the question which told you K Rod is a gonner no matter what the Mets have to do. 

Tonight as they head to San Fran, during the 4th and 5th innings Gary and Ron leave the booth. Why? because someone had a brain freeze and thought it be fun to have AL Michaels and Bob Costas taking over according to the NY Post .   It is mentioned that SNY spoke internally and ask the question "is there a reason to do it" and somehow they came up with yes.

Wrong answer. I like Al Michaels but there is zero interest in him talking about the '89 World Series earthquake for 10th time or Costas talking about going to a ball game as a kid. Guys and gals love our SNY crew. Ok its only 2 innings but you know what if it was VinScully then maybe...  No one cares to hear these 2 talk about everything except the Mets. Hey Howie looking forward to hearing your call during those 2 innings!

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