Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carlos Beltran suits up 1 last Sunday with the Mets

Even with Manager Terry Collins going to bat for the Mets star to stay past the July 31st trade deadline we prolly will not see Beltran on the Mets as we wake up next Sunday. Yeah ok so next Sunday is the 31st but if Beltran is traded I do not see him with the Mets when they play the Nats next Sunday in DC.

Beltran has really showed that he is a gamer this year and who knows if its more to showcase himself or its true to his nature. Everyone has his opinion. Too me it really doesn't matter. The guy was paid $119M and maybe he wasn't a outspoken guy but except for '05 and 1 at bat in 06 he was worth what the Mets paid for him. 

It would be hard to find many players that 3 years like Beltran had in 06-08.  41/116  33/112  and 27/112 are years that any players would dream of having and Beltran had his consecutively.Of course he has played 50% of the time in 09 and 10 but its not like the team was playoff bound anyway. Beltran is basically pitched around at this point in the year with the way he his hitting. 

Beltran really took Angel Pagan under his wing and tutored the outfielder. It payed off last year as Pagan did well on the bases as well as on the field.

Carlos handed the Center fielder job to Pagan this year gracefully. Would he have done that in a year that is contract wasn't expiring who knows . The guy has been a class act and I will still enjoy  watching him  these last couple of days. This Mets fan is sad to see Mr Beltran go no matter what we get for him. He is the glue on this lineup and without him the team will tank. They may not be good enough to get the playoffs with him but you cant argue that without him the team will be tough to watch.

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