Friday, July 22, 2011

Mets vs Marlins Bayless lineup July 22nd 2011

The Mets welcome back David Wright tonight as the Mets travel to Florida for a 3 game series with the Fish in Cricket Stadium.  Wright has not played a game for the Mets since May 15th.  In honor of Wrights return the Mets will have Jason Bay sitting on the bench. This way they only have 1 guy in the lineup who will strikeout with men on.  Bay has been hurting since is flop on the Citi field grass the other day.  Originally he tripped over Albert Poljus's foot running to first base.

Big Pelf gets the start which should excite the Mets starter since he cant win in Florida it seems. 

Mets sent Nick Evans to get some more frequent flier miles off to Buffalo. He was designated for assignment for Mr Clutch David Wright.  Can you guess its sarcasm Friday....

Reyes. Turner. Beltran. Wright. Murphy. Pagan. Duda in left for Bay. Paulino. Pelfrey

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