Monday, July 4, 2011

Jose Reyes will be in neutral for now

Of course Jose Reyes is ready to play. He has a free agent contract to play for. The Mets and Jose and his agent breathed a sigh of relief when his sore hamstring was graded a level 1 in severity yesterday.

Jose of course is ready to prove its no big deal but the Mets will be cautious with the All Star Shortstop . TC has already said he will not play Monday after a 6 hour plane ride to LA.  Of course who knows if the Mets will hold him out through the All Star break . Reyes was voted the starting shortstop for the ASG being held in Arizona next week. He was over 200k behind with 2 days to go in voting and wound up beating Tulo by 800K in votes!!!

Whatever the Mets do they will err on the side of caution and we might just have to watch it play out day by day which of course the reporters will just drain the life out of TC and Jose .  Just what Jose needs at this point after he cleared the air of salary negotiations. 

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