Tuesday, July 5, 2011

KRod To Yankees? Makes Sense

The Mets have let it be known that they are open moving closer Francisco Rodriguez. KRod has a no trade clause, but has indicated he would be willing to waive that option for the right situation. I'm sure the "right" situation would be to a contending team who will pick-up his $17.5M option for next year, which kicks in if he finishes 55 games. KRod is well on pace to reach that this performance clause.

KRod, who is customarily erratic, has pitched well this year, and I am quite sure there is a team out there who might be interested in his services the second half of this year.

The Mets might not have to look very far. There is a team on the other side of the Triboro Bridge that might be in need of Rodriguez's services. The Yankees have set up man Rafael Soriano on the DL, and
All World Closer, Mariano Rivera was not available for last night's game with a tender triceps. If Mariano needs some time off due to injury, the Yankees and KRod might be a nice fit, although according to Bob Klapisch:
Link says have made K-Rod available - "door is wide open" - but are only marginally interested. Prefer to wait on R. Soriano.'

Of course the Yankees aren't going to come out and say sure, we'd love to have him, but depending upon how this Mariano thing pans out, KRod could be a nice fit for Cashman and the Yankees.

Alderson would love to rid the Mets of KRod before his option (55 games finished) kicks in. If it does, he and the Mets will be on the hook for $17.5 M, and that can only harm the Mets in their quest to re-sign Jose Reyes.

Then again, if the Yankees balk on KRod, there is another team that might be interested - AL Eastern Division rival Tampa Bay. Would Cashman allow that to happen?

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