Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mets vow to Meet Beltan and Giants in Playoffs-Beat Reds 8-2

Have to love the  P&V that the Mets have shown when learning there star right fielder who is having a great year was traded to the Giants. Carlos Beltran came into the clubhouse after 6pm and said his goodbyes to his teammates . Then Willie Harris who was in the training room had the room a buzz with his statements. Harris mentioned that the Mets will Meet Beltran in the playoffs and beat him and the Giants!

Mike Pelfrey, who earlier in the week mentioned to the  Post that if the ownership feels the Mets cant rebound from where they are and winds up trading Beltran that there done, game out challenging the Reds and easily had one of his best games of the year as the Mets beat the Reds 8-2.

The Reds themselves have been showing no fight in the series and the Mets now have a chance to sweep a 4 game series with a victory this afternoon.

Mets new right fielder Lucas Duda hit a solo shot to start his tenure as the almost every day right fielder and David Wright connected on a 3 run bomb. 

Not bad for a team that lost one of its best players. Now if we can just have Atlanta lose once!..

Mets box score

Mets keep rolling

Here is the Giants local media take on the Beltran trade from the San Francisco Chronicle

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