Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Tribute To Carlos Beltran

All for giving the official "OK" to the trade, Carlos Beltran's Mets career is over. The Mets just defeated the Cincinnati Reds 8-2, where newly annointed Mets rightfielder Lucas Duda hit a homerun. Ironically, Carlos Beltran's first Mets game was against Cincinnati in 2005, and he too hit a HR.

Carlos Beltran was unfairly criticized during his tenure as a Met, but I always proclaimed he is probably the best Mets outfielder of all time (no offense to #18 Darryl Strawberry). Mets fans who were always saying how soft Beltran was, how he wasn't a leader, didn't hit 500 HR's, etc. didn't get it. He was a 3 time Gold Glove winner and five time All Star as a Met. He played with a fractured face after his collision with Mike Cameron in '05, and played everyday on balky knees...all without complaining.

He along with Edgardo Alfonzo are the classiest players to ever don a Mets uniform. Beltran never spoke badly nor complained to the press. He was more of a leader than many will ever understand. He was class, he was professional, respectful, and an all time Mets great.

All that being said, here is our tribute to #15 Carlos Beltran:

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Long Island Met Fan said...

A class act! Became leader in clubhouse by setting example. This year schooled tejada bout running out grounder /helped turner with swing. Will be missed!