Monday, August 8, 2011

Daniel Murphy needs to retire from 2nd base.

Ok I said it.  Yeah the man is a player without a position. Yes having him in left field will be painful . As my colleague mentioned to me earlier a outfield of Murph,Bay and Duda would be a place where singles are doubles and doubles are inside the park homers.  I tend to agree with that but do we need to lose this guy on a yearly basis at second base? A position he is just not cut out for. Everyone has said the slide by Constanza wasn’t a purposeful slide to try to take Murph out.  Just a  slide by a kid trying to make his mark by his first stolen base.  No matter Murphy gets clipped tears his MCL in his 1 good knee and lost for the year in a game he didn’t even start.  

In the past Terry Collins has talked about playing Murph at 2nd next year.  I hope that stops and just let him play left field.  It’s ok if he loses us 2-3 games. At least he could make it up by getting a hit instead of sitting on the sidelines again!  

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