Monday, August 8, 2011

Reyes & Murphy Disabled; Tejada & Baxter Promoted: Mets Lineup V. Padres - August 8, 2011

Jose Reyes has just been officially added to the disabled list along with second baseman/third baseman/firstbaseman Daniel Murphy.

Reyes felt
"tightness" in his left hamstring in yesterdays game, being removed in the 2nd inning. Reyes is expect to see the doctor for the Dallas Cowboys who treated his hamstring issue in '09.

Murphy tore his MCL ligament on a slide by Jose Costanza in the 7th inning yesterday.

To replace both players, Ruben Tejada was recalled and will play SS tonight. For Murphy, 1B
Mike Baxter has been promoted.

Baxter is hitting a paltry .256 at Buffalo in 11 games after being
picked up off waivers from the SD Padres on July 22nd.

The struggling Mike Pelfrey will take on the Padres tonight at GHMP. Tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Pagan - CF

2. Turner - 2B

3. Wright - 3B

4. Duda - 1B

5. Bay - LF

6. Harris - RF

7. Paulino - C

8. Tejada - SS

9. Pelfrey - RSP

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