Sunday, August 7, 2011

Einhorn Visits Mets And Possible Talk Of Ballpark Reconfiguration Ignite Mets In 11-7 Victory Over Braves

Prior to last night's game which featured the slumping Mets, losers of four straight, taking on the Braves, prospective minority owner David Einhorn visited Fred Wilpon and the Mets.

Though neither Einhorn nor Fred (thankfully) spoke with the media, it is believed that they might very well have been speaking
about changing the dimensions of Gil Hodges Memorial Park (Citi Field). It was reported that both Einhorn and Wilpon were point frequently at the far away outfield walls at the Mets home park. It has also been speculated that the Mets might consider changing the dimension of the vast outfield at GHMP.

While speaking with the media, Sandy Alderson said he isn't looking to change the field to match the team the Mets have
on the field now. If the dimensions are changed, it will be to the advantage of future Mets teams.

It is well documented that David Wright has been hamstrung by the dimensions of his crib, but conversely, Jose Reyes has fared very well with the huge gaps, thus allowing Reyes to hit triples at a premium rate.

With all the perceived talks of the layout of
GHMP, it apparently had a positive affect on the Mets. They hit the most homeruns in a game thus far this year. Justin Turner went yard twice, Jason "Puddle" Bay launched one as well as Josh Thole in the Mets 11-7 pitchers duel against the Braves.

It was nice to see the Mets keep tacking on runs every time the Braves cut into the Mets lead. The team save Jon Niese from a possible loss in a night where he started to falter in the fourth inning. Was nice to see the Mets pick up their pitcher, instead of the other-way-around.

All this being said, the real reason why the Mets broke out of their offensive
Linkslumber was due to the meeting between Einhorn and Wilpon, nor the sudden power surge by the Mets, no. The reason for the Mets win ultimately coincided with the metsfan73 family returning from vacation. While away, we had no internet access, and very little access to watch the games. If not for my partner in crime and his frequent texts, I would've been entirely in the dark.

Nonetheless, it is good to be back home, and good to be able to watch the Mets games in HD in the comforts of our most humble abode.
Now lets have the Mets go on a nice winning streak to mathematically remain alive in the Wild Card Race.

Sources: NY Times, Newsday, ESPN (Photos)

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Zoooma said...

>>"Now lets have the Mets go on a nice winning streak to mathematically remain alive in the Wild Card Race."

Man, I wanna be hopeful until the day of elimination . . . but reality bites.

3 games this past week when the Mets lost and what did the Braves do? Lost also. THREE GAMES!! What a HUGE dent in the standings that woulda been.

And imagine if 1 played 4 in the Wildcard series like the way it oughta be... we'd be playing Philly. We'd probably get swept.

Miracles can happen. Lotsa fans are prayin' . . . but reality bites and odds are reality's gonna mean a disappointing finish in the standings.

But it ain't over yet!