Friday, August 5, 2011

Murphy left field?: Davis surgery?: Harvey wins!

Just a couple of tid bits before we get ready for the Mets do or die series against the Bravos starting tonight. Ike Davis, who hasn't played since early May, will be in NY this weekend checking in with the doctors regarding his injury. He has been running a little in Arizona.  If they dont see alot of progress he will be heading to season ending surgery. He should have it already this way it doesnt effect spring training and the 2012 season. Mets medical staff admitted that they prolly shouldn't have kept the boot on as long as it did.  Nice...

Steve Popper reports   that there is some chatter with what position the defensively challenged Daniel Murphy will play next year.  Of course most say he will play 2nd and Turner will be the super backup with Davis back at 1st. There is some thought of not retaining the punchless Pagan next year. If the  Mets dont have alot of $$$ to spend if they resign Reyes next year , Bay could move to CF and Murphy becomes the LF. We know how that turned out back in 09. Talk about a defensively challenged outfield with Murphy,Bay and Duda.

Matt Harvey hurled five scoreless innings and combined on a three-hit shutout for the B Mets .Harvey limited Altoona to three hits and struck out four in his five-inning stint. The first win for Harvey for the Binghamton Mets. Backman's team is 45-67.

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Zoooma said...

That sucks about Backman's team. I don't follow the Mets minors at all so that's the first I'd heard of how crappy they're doing. Hope they give him another shot next year. It's nice to have former Mets in the coaching and managing ranks throughout the organization.