Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is the Johan Santana arm strength issue really a set back?

I am a doctor not a brick layer.  Speaking of Doctors looks like our 25M pitcher is coming to NY to see the boys at the hospital for special surgery Thursday for an unexpected hiccup in his recover from surgery.  The question is it really unexpected?  Back when Mr Johan had the surgery last year there was chatter that he would come back some time around the All Star break after his rehab time.  Of course that didn’t happen and really no one expected it to happen.  If Johan made it back to pitch in 2011 no one could really have expect him to pitch lights out.  It takes time to build up arm strength.  Look at the Nats Mr Wang who took 2 years to get back to the majors and he wasn’t like his old self.

What will happen after Santana gets checked no one really knows but we can hope for the best case scenario. That he doesn’t need any more surgery and it’s just normal lack of arm strength at this point of the recovery.  This year means nothing for Santana when it comes to on field results  except to go into the winter knowing he will be ready for 2012. We need him back for 2012 game 1.  Keeping fingers crossed

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