Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 games left and its all Jose Reyes

The Mets have 2 games left of the 2011 season.  2 games for Jose to either win the batting title or lose it to Mr Braun over in Milwaukee.   Reyes had 3 hits last night to give him the slighest of edges over Braun..  It is down to the .000000000 decimal point of a lead.   It is ridiculuous to think that Reyes can win or lose it by such a small margin. Nothing really else to watch with this team.

Besides the batting title up for grabs for Mr Jose, it could be the last time he plays in a Met uni.  Of course Alderson had said that October will be Jose month meaning the Mets will do the best to sign the shortstop so he can playfor most of the decade at Citi.  2 games left Jose.  Run Jose Run!!!!!!

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