Friday, September 23, 2011

The Great wall of Flushing to be crumbled? Citi Field to never be the same.

Ok yeah there needs to be some tweaking at Citi Field so some balls hit actually go out of the park for a homerun.  This way we don’t have to see the faces of Bay and Nuke to cry as they stop at 2nd base for a double that they sure was going out.   The Mets brass though seems to think major changes are needed to make the park neutral. 

Citi field as a NL park is the 3rd toughest park to hit a home run behind the Padres and the Giants park.  As Gary Cohen likes to call it the Great wall of flushing where balls go to die might see the fence dropped to 8ft with a fence in front of the Great wall as well.  I don’t like that idea.  Honestly I don’t like the idea of having a home run line across the huge wall either .  Esthetically a new lower fence in left field is going to look a little odd in front of the huge wall.  The Mets are talking about adding some seating there..  Guess we will have to wait before we pan it. 

In Right field you can say good bye to the Mo zone which now I am sure the Mets will just extend the fence from the bullpen over to the right field line. This will cut down what Lucas Duda will have to cover and at same time I am sure give the Mets more table seating actually on the field . That should be pretty cool .

They might also move in the 415 fence to right center which will make the whiny Daivd Wright happy since that is where his power goes too.   Will they move it in 15-20 feet which will actually make a huge difference for Wright or will it be nominal..If its just a couple of feet Reyes will be happy since if the Mets resign him he will spend his career with double digit seasons of triples 

Sandy Alderson says fans dig offense.  Yes we do ..From our team, not the opposing team. If you look at the splits the Mets aren’t really killing on the road with home runs.

Whatever the Mets do the Park will never look the same and for that I am upset.  They built a pretty cool park here and Just don’t believe the beauty of it will be the same regardless if the Mets start hitting more home runs.    

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