Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sandy Alderson tells all during Mets –Cards broadcast.

Ok so the Mets blew another one last night with the incredibly progressing lousy bullpen of theirs in a 11-6 loss.  Sandy Alderson though stole the show for Mets fans for his 3rd inning tell all when it comes to the Mets and what we will see in 2012.  Some highlights.

·         Alderson called October Jose Jose month!!! .  When asked by Gary what will be the first item of business once the off season hits he responded by saying October is Jose month.  The Mets want to gauge interest of course and see if they can resign mr Reyes for 2012 and beyond.
·         Closer-  Sandy as usual tries to not give too much info but when he was asked if the closer for the Mets in 2012 is in the Mets system he basically said he doesn’t think so. TC wants to see the Mets have a  little competition come spring 2012 and I think the Mets brass rather just bring in a guy who would be the closer which I totally agree with. The Mets since K rod left are 2nd in the league in blow saves. Of course it all depends on if the Mets land Reyes to see how much they spend.
·         Big changes to dimensions at Citi sooner rather than later.  Alderson said the changes wouldn’t be subtle.  He did mention to reporters that there have been just a handful of homers by lefties to left center etc.  Look for the wall in LF to have line on it for 2012 as well look to see the Mo Zone probably have a wall in front of it.  Of course that means you might be able to sit beyond the wall on the field. 
·         No big changes to starting pitching- He likes the quantity of work but just wants the quality to better. Guess we are stuck with brainless Pelf.

It stinks having to talk about 2012 already but the season will be over in a week so might as well get ready for another long off season and Alderson seems ready to try to improve the club anyway he can . 

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