Monday, September 19, 2011

Mets last off day before Golf Season.

The Mets enjoy there last day off with some in a Golf outing in St Louis.  Some guys went home  including R A Dickey who was tweeting from Cracker Barrell.   The Mets start a 3 game set Tuesday night with St Louis who play the Phillies tonight. If the Cards win tonight they will be 3 out of the Wild card leading Braves with 9 to play.

Mets have to go  8-1 to finish at .500 for the year.  They already secured a winning record on the road with 42 road wins with 3 to play.  Mets finish the season at home with the Phillies this coming weekend and then the Reds for the final 3 ending with a game next Wednesday. 

Then of course everyone will be on the Jose watch to see if the Mets are able to secure the shortstop or will they be outbid and lose one of the dynamic players to ever wear the Mets uni…..   
From Alderson  in Newsday  "The focus is still on retaining Jose," Alderson said. "But as with any situation that's open-ended, you have to keep alternatives in mind."
  Cant really imagine a Mets team without Reyes leading off.  I mean come on who else will lead off on this team ? Tejada?  ….

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