Friday, September 16, 2011

Terry Collins: We have folded it in.

Nothing like a  pissed off manager for a team that is floundering.  The Mets mailed another game in yesterday afternoon as they lost to the Nationals 10-1 to complete a horrendous home stand where they went 1-8.  Collins was fuming during his post game presser and afterwards laid it into to his team that has been pretty punchless the last week  .  Collins was quoted as saying that any quitters on this team will not be on this team in 2012!  Who that might mean who knows.  He really has a bullpen that is useless as they go to the ever useless  Igarashi instead of releasing him and of course DJ Carrasco hasn’t been much better.  
From Terry "Obviously, this is an awful time. Awful time," he added. "I'm just disgusted with the way we've played this home stand. Disgusted."

The team is going nowhere fast but at least the manager still cares.  About time the team start looking in the mirror and stop spending there spare time tweeting with fans and go out and win a couple of games.  I mean people are paying good money to see this team play and its pretty embarrassing to watch.  

 I am a die hard fan and maybe have missed maybe 5 games all year that I haven’t watched/dvr until this week.  I watch the first game and part of the 2nd of the National series and have not even turned it on since.  Even though  sometimes Gary, Keith and Ron make it a bit easier to watch when the Mets play lousy it is not working this week. 

Hey METS start playing the way you have all year and stop mailing it in.  I don’t care if you are tired David,Angel, who every else. Make the last 12 games watchable and play like you care!


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