Friday, September 16, 2011

TC Goes Postal On The Flushing Flops

Mets manager Terry Collins has reached his breaking point. After another lack-luster, lethargic, catatonic performance by his club, Collins was visible upset in his post game (?) presser:

“This game’s played with pride. They’re playing for the exact same thing we are, and that’s pride. That’s a place in the standings that when you walk away you can be proud of."

The Mets were humiliated by their former skipper Davey Johnson and the Washington Nationals, 10-1 in a rain interrupted 10-1 defeat. With the loss, the Mets were swept in the four game series, and are now losers in 6 straight games and 8 of their last 10. Now the Mets are in fourth place behind the very Nationals who embarrassed them.

Collins continued his tirade:

“We’ve got two weeks to go (in the season). And if we’re going to fold up, that tells me something. That tells me a lot about how it’s going to be when it’s crunch time next year, when we are fighting for something.”

Consider this Terry's shot over the bow the sinking ship known as the Mets. Their skipper has just called them out, and it's now time they respond. Many of these players are playing for next year's position on this team. I can't see Collins or Elvis tolerating a group that has played so hard this year simply giving up.

It is time for poster boy Nuke LaLoosh (Wright) to take a long look in the mirror. His fielding has been that of the Bad News Bears, and his offense hasn't been any better. For someone who came back from a stress fracture in his back, who got off to a great start after his return, has been without a pulse on the field. Fielding: Flatline - Hitting: Flatline. It didn't take pitchers long to throw up and in on Wright after his torrid start (after his DL stint), and since then, he has been useless. So instead of useless quotes, work on your fielding. Work on hanging in on an inside pitch.

Reyes got the day off to rest his tight hamstring. It's time for TC to give Nuke a game off to rest his injured psyche.

Tonight the Mets start a series against Atlanta. This is import for nothing more than pride. Some of these players are playing for a spot on next years team. Time for the Flushing Flops to show some life. Hopefully TC's vitriolic press conference is the wake up call.

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