Thursday, September 15, 2011

Was That Willie Harris In CF For Washington?

OUCH! Last night's game hurt. There wasn't just one reason for the pain the Mets caused fans last night. There were a quite a few.

First painful stat is the Mets left 10 men on base. With the dearth of run production the Mets have had of late, this stat really stands out. They are getting people on base, but incapable of plating them.

Second wound was opened when Collins called for Justin Turner to bunt with Bay and Harris on first and second after drawing walks. Turner has the power to drive the Ball, but instead, TC called on Turner to bunt. Turner failed to get the bunt down, and wound up popping up to reliever Drew Storen. Out #1. Next batter, pinch hitter Jason Pridie, grounded into a fielders choice. Runners first and third two outs.

Up steps Jose Reyes. Reyes had one hit on the night, and this was his moment to shine. Reyes had the count 2-0 when he hit a laser beam heading towards the left centerfield gap. Willie Harris had been forced at second the previous batter. Did he changed uniforms and go to CF for the last play? Rick Ankiel came running from CF and made a terrific diving catch to end the game. Reyes hit the ball on the screws and was robbed.

This series Ankiel took the place of Willie Harris, who before this year made a career of killing the Mets with late game defensive gems. Now it's Ankiel's turn, who threw Thole out at the plate last game, and robbed Reyes of a potential game tying double.


I had a bigger problem with Collins having Turner bunt than with Turner failing to get the bunt down. Part of managing, and Collins has done a great job this year, is knowing your players, and Turner isn't a bunter. What he is, is a player capable of driving the ball, and with Storen having control issues, Collins should have allowed Turner to work the count and possibly drive the ball.

The Mets look tired. They have been lethargic during this 5 game losing streak. This season has had many bright points, brighter than we could have expected, but it hurts watching this team disintegrate the last month of the season.

Sources: CBS Sportsline, ESPN (Photo)

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Long Island Met Fan said...

TC needs to bash some heads... I dont care if there tired. They need to play out the season the right way and stop day dreaming and be aggressive on the bases and in the field! Hey Wright and Bay...Can you both maybe get some key hits like you did a couple of days/weeks ago!