Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schwinden Gets First Start, Hot Reyes Sits, Paulino Catches: Mets Lineup Game 1 Vs. Braves - September 8, 2011

Chris Schwinden, whom we
profiled yesterday, will gets his first Major League start in game 1 against the Braves in today's day-night double-header.

The percolating Jose Reyes gets a breather in game 1 as Ruben Tejada gets the start at SS. Josh Thole will sit once again (thank God!) as Paulino gets the start (broken toe and all).

Today's game 1 lineup:

1. Tejada-SS
2. Turner-2B
3. Duda-RF
4. Wright-3B
5. Pagan-CF
6. Bay-LF
7. Evans-1B
8. Paulino-C
9. Schwinden-RHP

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