Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1 week to Jose Reyes news!

As the World Series comes down to a game 6 in St Louis after some strange manager moves by La Russa, us Mets fans can start gearing up for next week.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday will be the day that Jose Reyes heads to free agency after the Mets 5 day window of exclusivity ends. Of course the Mets could still sign the guy after that time but as fans do we really need the angst of waiting until the Winter Meetings to know if Jose will be back. Of course Mets brass I am sure will not get the job done quickly but for once it would be nice to have Reyes wrapped up at the beginning of November as we slide into the cocoon of winter…. I still think he will be a Met in 2012… As Jose would say “No Doubt”

In other news 25 years ago today was the day when mets fans were given the ultimate gift. Mr Buckner.. a little roller up first base… Honestly though it would be nice if we had more recent World Series victories to remember. I mean I love that ’86 year but it is 25 years…We need to move on from that and get some new wins. Tired of seeing the Cardinals in the Series it seems like every other year……

Game Six – Gets By Buckner

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