Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jose Reyes to the Nats? No Shot : Marlins? Rumor time!!!!

Ahh the World Series gets underway and what am I reading on my phone last night but a story out of Florida about new manager Ozzie Guillen talking about his shortstop Ramirez and how he will play wherever needed on his team.  Ok what do you mean by that?  Oh I get it so if the Marlins land a new shortstop who will remain nameless Hanley will gladly move his position.  Could the new shortstop be someone like Freddy Sanchez?  Yeah don’t think Hanley would move from him. Obviously its Reyes there talking about.   

There was also some talk about maybe Reyes taking a puddle jumper down to Washington and playing for the Nationals. No way.  I think first of all the Nats will be after a guy like Fielder and not little ole Jose.  

Rumors now will be all over the place and most of it will be just that a rumor based on nothing…  Remember how Backman was going to the Nationals.  Last week it came out there was no chatter with the Nats at all about Backman moving on.  

Alderson has his eyes set to do what he can to resign Reyes and until that time Mets fans will be subjected to every freaking rumor imaginable about el Professor!   If you ask me it’s pretty exhausting and just want it over so we can have him at Short in 2012 and beyond. NO offense Ruben Tejada.

Story on Marlins Manager Ozzie

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