Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is it time to Unload David Wright.

Ahh don’t you love off season. Nothing but time to think and tinker with what the Mets will have on the field in 2012. Of course it would be a lot better watching the Mets play the Rangers then La Russa’s Cards and his 400 pitching changes but what can you do.

The Mets will be looking to hopefully resign Jose Reyes at Short soon but what should they do with his partner in crime David Wright. He comes off a year where injuries limited his games to only 102 . He hit only .254 with a slugging percentage of .427 both the lowest of his career. Of course it could be the injuries that zapped his power. At this point we cant keep thinking its Citi that is the reason that Nuke doesn’t hit for power when back in 2010 he bumped his home run totally to a respectable 29.

The question is are his better days behind him? In 2012 the Mets will have to pay him $15M and they have a $16M team option for 2013. Now of course a guy that hits .250 doesn’t garner that type of Salary. You listening Jason Bay? With the Mets moving in some of the dimensions at Citi

Can the Mets unload him to a team that needs a 3rd baseman say like the Rockies and get a decent return even on a off year? Alderson is going have a lot to do once he knows what road he will be taken with Jose. I wonder if Wright is one of those questions he and the crew ponder when they crash at nite.

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Anonymous said...

wright is finished. cannot hit fastball or outside pitch or curve. he only hits slips. trade him for whatever you can get. salary is prohibitive.