Saturday, October 1, 2011

It Must Be The Post Season...Jimmy Rollins Is Shooting His Mouth Off Again

You know it must be October, and not because the Mets are playing golf. Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins is shooting his mouth off again.

Rollins, along with Reyes, is a free agent at seasons' end, so writers are compelled to ask him questions, and unfortunately Rollins can't keep his mouth shut.

Asked if he could play in NY, Rollins responded, "that's a tough call...that's a tough call." That's awfully presumptuous. He isn't wanted in NY. Rollins has been on a downward spiral since netting the MVP award in 2007.

The Philly Loudmouth went on to hammer Jose Reyes about his bunt single that wound up being the shortstops final hit for 2011. Rollins said he would never have done it that way nor have come out of the game. Although I agree that Jose should have stayed in the game longer, I find it hard for a .268 hitter to bash a .337 and NL BATTING CHAMPION, Reyes hit .69 points higher than his Philadelphia counterpart.

The rival Shortstop's OBP was .338; Jose's was .384. Reyes tied for the Major League lead in triples, scored 101 runs compared to Rollins' 87. All this while missing 6 weeks with hamstring issues.

Reyes still has a punchers chance for MVP and Gold Glove...non of which Rollins had. It's time for Philly Loud Mouth to pipe down.

Sources: NY Post, Baseball Reference, ESPN

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