Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mets Ship Sinking? Reduce Ticket Prices For 2012

This past season, which saw the Mets go 77-85 and finish in 4th place behind the Nationals, Braves and Phillies in the NL East also saw the Mets attendance drastically drop 8.1% this year. Since GHMP opened in 2009, the Mets have seen their total attendance drop by 27.3%, with total attendance this year at a paltry 2.35 million.

Having been to four games this year, I can honestly say the park was a morgue. The 500 section was practically empty, as was many of the field level seats.

To help with the ever decreasing fan support at the park, the Mets announced yesterday that they will be reducing ticket prices for next season.

For season ticket holders, prices might drop to less than $1,000 and certain seats will be a $12 per game fee, which would bring the price to $972 for a season ticket.

Elvis has said he looks to slice payroll from the $140M this year to approximately $110M - $115M. With already $75M tied up in contract for '12 (without Jose Reyes' possible re-signing figured in), the Good Ship Flushing looks to be taking on water.

It's nice that the Mets are reducing ticket prices, but will that really help. If they are able to retain Jose Reyes, yes, I think this will help entice more fans to coming to the park. If Reyes is gone, there will be less people in the park than this year.

Here is a breakdown of 2012 ticket prices:

* 80 percent of seats will have a reduction of approximately 5 percent or greater

* 57 percent of seats will have a reduction of 10 percent or greater

* 35 percent will have a cut of 20 percent or more

* 18 percent will have a drop of 30 percent or more

* More than 15,000 seats will cost less than $25 per game

For more complete coverage of Mets ticket pricing, read today's NY Post.

Source: NY Post

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