Friday, October 7, 2011

Robin Ventura is the new White Sox manager

Out of the blue and I guess no one expected it but former Met Robin Ventura has a new gig.  He has enjoyed his retirement watching his kids grow up in California.  Now he will be a manager. 

The former White Sox was hired by Kenny Williams to manager the Chicago White Sox.  Suprise to see a guy who has no former managing experience take over for Ozzie Guillen.  Of course former Cub Ryan Sandberg must be shaking his head since he has been managing in the minors for years and cant get a gig.

Going to be a big change for the White Sox to have the wry sense of humor of Ventura .  Part of me wonders if he is just going to be a puppet to Williams who obviosuly loved the former White Sox.

Here is a quote from GM Williams about Ventura :

"A passion for the city, for the organization and the drive to win a World Series championship. This person had to have leadership and communicative ability, I think, that will work with our veteran players and with our young players."

Best of luck to one of the best 3rd baseman's the Mets ever had! 

White Sox pick Robin to manage

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