Monday, October 31, 2011

The latest and greatest on Jose Reyes. La Russa retires

Well the World Series is finally over. The parade is over.  No more baseball until next spring!!! ARGGGH!!!.  As we head into our last couple of days before we change the clocks back and get thrown into darkness until early next year  we wonder the fate of our shortstop. 

The Mets have a couple of days to bargain with Reyes and his agent and there is some rumors that the Mets will not take advantage of this time to work on getting him in uniform for the Mets in 2012.  To me it is not really a shock.  The guy is going to get some offers from other teams once budgets are set etc.  Why would the Mets throw out a offer that can be determined to be either an insult or over the top when it doesn’t need to be.    

 Of course who knows what the Mets will do..most of what is written is pure conjecture anyway.   One thing is for certain. Jose gave the Mets a sweet deal in his last contract and really doesn’t have to now.  The Mets might just wait team Jose has some offers and have them come back and say  either match this or come close. 

Mets fans might have to wait until the winter meetings before we know if Jose will be back.  Hey at least before that we will know the new dimensions of cavernous Citi field. Oh joy…!  

From Presser earlier today in Regards to Reyes from Alderson from Adam Rubin“I don’t think either one of those things is going to happen in this case. I don’t think Jose is going to give us a number for which he would forgo free agency. I don’t think we’re in a position to make him what I would characterize as a preemptive offer.”

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side note-Just read that Tony La Russa has retired after 33 years of managing. Thankfully the painful process of watching his 4,000 pitching changes a series has come to an end.  Mets fans i am sure rejoice that we dont have to see him anymore on the field.

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