Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally Some "Good" Off-Season News For Mets

...and no, it's not that they've signed Jose Reyes to a five year deal (unfortunately). The Mets have stated that Lucas Duda is no longer being affected by the after effects of the concussion he suffered when he ran into the RF wall while tracking down a fly ball in St. Louis. Mets Assistant GM John Ricco has confidence that Duda will be well enough to resume his role as Mets RF for 2012.

Fearless Ike, who missed most of 2011 due to a deep bone bruise on his left ankle, is expected to be able to play 1B for the Mets in 2012. What appeared to be a short term DL stint for Davis when he first injured the ankle in May, ultimately turned into a troublesome injury where surgery was considered before Davis opted not to undergo the procedure. Davis is conditioning at his home in Arizona.

Elvis plans on seeing Davis while he is visiting Arizona monitoring the happenings in the Fall League.

Said Alderson:

"Right now we think he’s going to be ready to go. I expect to see him in Arizona in the next couple of weeks because I’ll be out there for the Fall League. Right now we have no reason to believe he won’t be ready."

Let's hope so. The Mets suffered a huge power loss with the absence of Davis in the lineup. Davis had 7 HR's in only 36 games last year. In his rookie year he showed no respect for the deep RF fences, slamming 19 HR's.

With the Mets moving in the OF walls, this should add to Fearless' HR output, which the Mets sorely missed.

As for Duda, he will be spending time with new 1B, OF, and baserunning coach Tom Goodwin.

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