Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Citi Field new Dimensions Will anybody benefit?

The Mets announced some news yesterday. Of course it wasn’t about Jose.    Some think the only announcement the Mets will make about Jose down the line is thanking him for the great times he showed us as he signs another deal with a new team this off  season.   Hope not. 

We can only hope this isn’t the big news of the off season. Say goodbye to the great wall in flushing in regards to home runs. The mets will add new 8 ft fences in the left center, right center and right field areas in time for 2012 season.   In right center the distance will be 398 instead of 415. 17 feet less for Jose to run out a triple as a member of a visiting team? . The right field will have a 8ft wall in front of the Mo zone at 375 feet. Less room for Duda to run after a ball which is a plus.

The Mets have said that with these dimensions that they would have hit 81 more homers over the last 3  years and the visitors 71. Of course some of them would have been by Carlos Beltran  so it’s kind of a moot point.  The Mets objective was to make the park more neutral . Sandy Alderson said.  “It’s really about being a more neutral ballpark -- maybe slightly more entertaining,” 

  Entertaining to watch Bay hit a homerun instead of Reyes hit a triple?  I would take Reyes any day.   Who will benefit from the changes? Will David Wright hit some more homers?  Probably. Will Mike Pelfrey give up some more homers?  Probably.  Will it turn into more wins for the Mets?  Probably not but hey at least the walls will be blue since the ownership heard the fans would prefer it.  Of course being so call Met fans themselves they couldn’t realize that on their own!

Still hope the big news this hot stove season will be the resigning of Reyes not the new dimensions.

Citi Field New Dimensions

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