Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunset on Jose Reyes Met career? Your thoughts

It is kind of a non descript day here.  Baseball season is over.  Most now turn to football as we leave October and head into November and the holiday season.  Today though marks the last day the Mets have the ability to negotiate with Jose Reyes exclusively.  Even though he is still consider a free agent at this time, I can’t help to be a little melancholy and think this could mark Reyes last day unofficially as a Met.  The Mets could sign him today and boom Met fans would rejoice!!!  We of course know the Mets don’t want to set the market with a contract offer to Jose, so  today will go into oblivion as just another day.

I thought it would be cool to just have anyone who wants to comment about Jose to take the time and leave comments.

What is your favorite Jose story?  Do you think he will be a Met in 2012?  I might be foolishly positive thinking he will return next year in the blue and orange.  What I dread is what this team will be like without him and that kind of tips the hand of why I want Jose back.

There is only 1 player on the Mets that ignites the crowd at Citi before he actually does anything positive and that guy is Jose Reyes.  How many times were you in the stands when a Jose Jose Jose  catches on?  No other player the Mets have bring that electricity!  NO other player gets the dugout going with his handshakes or the crazy claw.    This team and the fan base need him for what he does as a leadoff hitter, on the bases and in the field . 

What are your thoughts on Jose?   Leave a comment ….


metsfan73 said...

Ah, Jose. Where do I start? He is the most electric player in the game today.
I was fortunate enough to be at game 161 this year when Jose went 3-6 with 2 HR's, 2 RBI, and a stolen base. All 10,000 fans went nuts.
I was also fortunate to be at game 6 of the 2006 NLCS. Jose led off the game with a HR. I had been attending Shea since 1975, and had never felt the stadium shake like it did after his blast. The chants of Jose, Jose, Jose...were excitingly deafening.
The Mets will lose more than the best SS in baseball if he leaves; they will lose the heart and soul of this team.

Anonymous said...

I like Jose. He has a lot of spirit, he plays like someone that loves the game and he brings a positive energy to the team. I'd hate to see him go. The Met's have WASTED so much money on washed-up has beens in the past. Jose is a good player to invest in. I belive he is a committed player and always goes out there to play his best for the fans and his team. He is an asset and should be viewed as such. The Met's managment need to think about these things and think about Jose as a team bulider.

--Mrs. Long Island Met Fan :)

Jobu said...

don't let the door hit you on the butt as you leave