Friday, November 4, 2011

76M already spent for 2012 : Where will the rest go?

The Mets and the rest of the teams in MLB are busy setting how much can be spent on this year sparse Free agent class as we go into the first weekend of the Jose Reyes watch. 

The Mets have committed about $76M to 9 players for 2012 if they re up with big Pelf, Pagan and Paulino.    The numbers for those 3 are estimated.  I don’t think the Mets will commit to Pagan so they will need a CF as well as bullpen help since Alderson has said in the past that the bullpen needs a makeover. 

If the Mets commit somewhere near 18-20M for Jose that bring the Mets around 95M for 9-10 Players and still have to fill a roster.  If there going with the premise of $100M to $110M that means they might have 10M or so to get a CF, a closer and bullpen help as well as the bench and a # 5 Starter?.  That really means they would be picking table scraps.  Not good.  I don’t see how they can cobble a team together like that .  I mean if they want to resign Capuano again he will command at least 5M per year .Do they pull the plug on big Pelf to save $$ and hope that Santana will be ready and have Santana,Niese,Gee,Dickey and Capuano? 

Reyes rumors of course abound with the Tigers might be willing to go for the Free Agent SS. Also the Brewers who will lose Fielder in Free agency have already declined Bentacourt’s option so there in the market possibly for a SS.  Get a new bottle of tums it should be interesting!!!!

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